Health check on Gundul by BOSF Medical Team

Health check on Gundul by BOSF Medical Team

First of all, that’s right I am working as a staff at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), but all the things that I will write below are my personal view and opinion, as a person who witnesses the attacking to the BOSF from people who apparently do not really have enough information about the situation, but someone (let’s call this person, X) successfully manipulate them by gave a not really accurate information to blame on BOSF about the condition of a female orangutan, named Gundul in Samarinda – East Kalimantan.

Let’s break down the information one by one, so I can show you which one is the real hard-worker and which one is the orangutans-hero-poser

First, X blame on BOSF because after send few letters there is no reaction from BOSF to rescue Gundul from her dreadful condition.

Based on this fact, X provoked people via social media channels to curse BOSF because this organization did not do anything to rescue Gundul.

Accordingly, people who did not know anything about the real condition, massively cursed BOSF in social media channels, and sent BOSF a bunch of email asking why BOSF do not want to rescue Gundul.

If only X and all the people who cursing BOSF realized that BOSF is only a NGO who cannot do anything without permissions from BKSDA (Conservation and Natural Resources Authority), they would know they aimed the gun to the wrong target.

If only… Just if only X and the people who sending BOSF emails read the news a few weeks ago about BOSF, they would find that BOSF already accepted 3 orangutans at BOSF rehabilitation center in Samboja Lestari just a couple days before X social media campaign against BOSF, and with the 3 orangutans addition, BOSF rehabilitation center in Samboja Lestari touched its maximum capacity and if BOSF accepted another orangutans, it would be compromised about 250 orangutans welfare in this rehabilitation center, they would know they aimed the gun to the wrong target.

Second, in his campaign against BOSF, It said:

Gundul is now 21 years-old and held by an old man since 1990 in Samarinda on the east coast of Borneo. It has been 20 years since she was taken from her slaughtered mother. Gundul has not seen another orangutan for 20 years: Why not take some time and think about this as well?

Very touching, isn’t it?

However, last Friday, according to BOSF medical team who checked Gundul’s health condition, including her teeth to determine how old she is, it is estimated Gundul’s age is only around 12-13 years old, not 21 years old.

Now, let’s do the math. How come a 12 – 13 years old orangutan could not see another orangutan for 20 years?

After anyone of you can answer that question, now let’s do the logic. How come this X, a person who do not know a single thing about conservation law and orangutan rescue regulation in Indonesia, and do not have enough knowledge and skill about orangutan, particularly the knowledge to determine an orangutan’s age, have a big hunk of gut to provoke people in order to attack BOSF, an non-profit organization that already rehabilitated and released thousands of orangutan back to the forest?

At the last but not least, considering those facts above, how come people still believe in anything what this person says about orangutans rescue and welfare?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any answer about those questions.

All I know is, the circus parade he conducted in front of BOSF’s door drained all of energy and resources we have, and the heartbreaking part is, actually we save those energy and resources for our next orangutan release activities in Central Kalimantan and then East Kalimantan in this near future.

Sad, but that’s the truth…